If you’re ready to transform the vision of your wellness business into an actionable strategy that supports you emotionally and financially, then it’s time to work together.

For the past 20+ years I’ve helped start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives plan and build businesses that aligned with their vision of what success looked like. From solo-entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, it’s been quite a ride.

Five years ago I went back to school to study Herbalism & Flower Essence Therapy to formalize my life-long passion of working along side Mother Nature to nourish, heal and support our health. After I graduated and began my practice, I quickly realized that the majority of wellness practitioners must also be entrepreneurs with the skills and know-how to build their business, create their website, and market themselves if they want to survive doing what they love.

But, unfortunately, many of the wonderful, talented people I met, and continue to meet, had little business training and even less web and technical skills.

So I decided to create WILLOW.

WILLOW empowers entrepreneurs with the strategy and tools to create a business that deeply resonates with their vision, purpose and path.

Together we’ll construct a well thought out, forward-thinking vision – and action plan - to help you fast track the entrepreneurial business process and manifest the business you most desire - one that values profits and purpose.

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