How My Juice Plus+ Journey Began

My husband retired, I sold my business, and we packed up our two boys and moved from New York to sunny Florida.

We were starting over in a new home and in a completely place.

After playing for about a year and a half, we decided it’s time to get back to work .

As an entrepreneur for most of my career, the idea of going to work for someone was simply not an option.

But, I knew that this time, I wanted to create a business that didn’t stop when I did. I needed to break out of the billable hour model that I was used to working in and find something else.

I decided that if I was going to dedicate my time away from my kids and my business expertise to something for the next 5-10-15 years, that it was going to payoff by aligning with my passion and my pocketbook.

At the same time, I was shocked to learn after moving to Florida how scarce local, organic produce is here! My delusions of moving here were filled with roadside farmers markets and fresh colorful vegetables everywhere - it’s sunny Florida for goodness sake! Well let me tell you friend, local organic veggies are hard to come by in Florida. As it turns out, big pesticide-ridden agriculture runs this place and local farmers make MUCH MORE money shipping their produce north. So we’re left with imports. Ugh!

I was feeling like a bad mom.

I knew that I was giving my kids enough of the fruits and veggies they needed at meals and, as they are now 9 and 11, they are harder to persuade. Broccoli is no longer dinosaur trees and ocra isn’t spider legs (I have boys!)

So I decided to juice. I figured if they wouldn’t eat it, they’d drink it!

Then one day, my oldest son said… “Can you just get me Juice Plus? I really liked those gummies!”

And just like that, my Juice Plus journey began.