Dried Rosehip Syrup Recipe To Boost Immunity [Picture Guide]

Every year in late August or September I make Rosehip Syrup to prepare for the sniffles, colds, and general not feeling so good that can come with the change of season and beginning of school.

And, every year it works like a charm!

Rosehips have 20-30% more Vitamin C than oranges and are a wonderful immune booster rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Last year I wrote a post about making Rosehip Syrup from fresh Rosehips. But, this year I moved to south Florida and didn't have ready access to fresh Rosehips. So, I made the syrup from dried and sifted Rosehips. Sifting is important because it removes the seeds which can be irritating.

The dried hips work just as well and can be easily stored and kept on hand during the winter months. 

Rosehip Syrup Recipe Using Dried Rosehips


  • Large pot

  • 1 cup measuring cup

  • 2 large glass or stainless steel bowls

  • Mesh strainer

  • Glass jars


  • 1 cup dried and sifted Rosehips (no seeds)

  • 64 oz filtered water

  • 32 oz filtered water

  • 1/2 - 1 cup raw unfiltered honey or sweetener of choice

  • Optional Spices: Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg


  • Bring 64 oz of filtered water to boil, turn down heat to simmer

  • Add Rosehips

  • Gently simmer for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally

  • Strain Rosehips and put liquid aside

  • Add 32 oz water to same pot and bring to a boil

  • Add the strained rosehips and simmer for 20 minutes

  • Stain out Rosehips and add the strained liquid to the first batch of liquid

  • If you are using raw unfiltered honey, gently mix in honey to desired sweetness.

  • If you are using sugar or another sweetener, clean the pot and add the Rosehip liquid back to the pot then heat the Rosehip liquid to dissolve the sugar.