Working with an Herbalist is a wonderful way to empower your healing journey and receive guidance and support.



Initial Herbal Intake

90-minute session ($130)

An initial intake session is required for new herbal clients. 

During this time, we will discuss your current health goals and medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Together we will identify 1-3 goals to focus our work.

In addition to recommendations during the session, afterward you will receive a personalized, written protocol addressing herbs, flower essence, lifestyle, and nutrition that will help support your health goals.

We will also discuss the timing of follow up visits after you begin your herbal protocol and decide together, how best to support your healing journey. 

I can work with you both short and long term.

Please note: The cost of herbs are not included in the consult price.

Initial Herbal Medicine Consult
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Herbal Follow-up

45-minute session ($70)

In follow up sessions we will review your herbal protocol and health goals, discuss how you are feeling, what is and is not working, and decide if any changes need to be made.

Plant medicine is a path of experience and self-discovery and together through open communication we will unearth your healing potential.

At least 3 follow up sessions are recommended for most clients.

Please note: The cost of herbs are not included in the consult price.

Herbal Medicine Follow Up
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