Flower Essences promote healing on both an emotional and physical level. They cleanse and rebalance the mental-emotional state, while unblocking the energy system to a point where it is able to nourish and heal the body.



Flower Essence Therapy

60-minute session ($90)

Caring for ourselves means caring for our whole body, not simply focusing on disease.

It is only through this wider vision that we come to realize that our body, mind and spirit are integrally connected to the world around us and that true healing can only take place when align ourselves with Mother Earth and beyond.

During a Flower Essence session we will discuss your current physical, emotional and/or spiritual goals to direct our work together. 

I will then select Flower Essences and prepare a personalized blend which we will work with for the remainder of our session. 

You will take home your personalized Flower Essence blend and continue to work with it for the following 3 weeks.